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Hurrah for Friday

Hurrah for friday
Found here.

This past weekend Andy & I had dinner at One World Vegetarian Cuisine (amazing btw!). It so happened they were celebrating the mid-autumn moon harvest . The restaurant was decorated with pretty lanterns and after our meal they served us moon cake & green tea. 

 moon cake

It was an absolutely delightful way to end our meal. If you haven’t tried it, you should!


A little photo inspiration from our date night…


 photo cred


we heart it

& To my boyfriend:

I love you deerly


Fun Photo’s for Friday…


Isn’t this bike fabulous!


 Pretty sunflower..

Panda cupcake

These panda cupcakes are the cutest!!


 I love this doodle! Thats how I feel right now. ❤

Rockin Grandma

and this Rockin Grandma!! (She must be a riot!)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

(all Fun Friday photos can be found on we heart it)


All over the place..

As usual I have been so busy busy busy with work. But I wanted to share a few pretty things with you…

 Sewing machine

So dainty & bold love it! (Flickr:Tofutti Break)

Heart Shoes

Pretty shoe collection


Super adorable plush owls! available here.


this purrrty painting is so lively it makes me smile xD

Yum Ice Cream

This illustration is so fun! It makes me want to get ice cream and run around in the yard care free like we did when we were younger!

So you know…

you make life magic

Cred: We Heart It

Hope you all had a lovely day.. xoxo

Lovely Things: Fall Inspired

Some words of inspiration…
Keep you in my life forever

Youth is happy

Sources:  here and here.

Pretty Tights & Knee Highs

Knee highs AHC


Heart tights

Tights AHC


Cotton Candy AHC




A magical world


Sources: (1 & 3) Audrey Hepburn Complex, Such Pretty Things, via We Heart it, A Magical World” by Tim Walker (via styliste ), via Deviant Art,