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First Snow Experience :D

My very first time in the snow!

And a few pictures from my trip to Denver/Breckenridge &Vail…

Sun setting over mountains as we headed back to Denver

Homes in Breckenridge

Mountains on the way to Vail

Downtown Denver

Shag Lounge

Coors Field

Clippers vs. Nuggets

Dad & I at the tilted kilt after the Clippers vs. Nuggets game

Protest at Colorado State Capitol


pretty amazing…

Pretty Amazing

This post will be all about things that are “pretty amazing.” The idea was inspired by this print by Sarah Gardner. Enjoy. xoxo

smore cupcakes
Pretty amazing dessert.

Pretty amazing pandas… via we heart it

wedding hairstyle
Pretty amazing hair style.

Pretty amazing dress.

Pretty amazing picture.

daily inspiration
Pretty amazing painting.

Finger print rings
Pretty Amazing Rings.

wall design
Pretty amazing wall design.

sweet tarts
Pretty Amazing Candy (my fave!)


Pretty amazing view.

I hope you all have an AMAZING day! xoxo

Day Dreaming..

So I’ve been so busy with work lately that anytime I have a second  I find myself dazing out.. hence the reason this blog is filled with images  of fantasy, dreams & love. Aren’t they magical? Hope you all are doing well! xoxo

there is no life without love

You shuold be here

Night light



rise above the sunrise

sparkling lights

alice in wonderland

All photos from: We Heart it