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Things that make me happy…

be happy love life

This movie is so magical ūüôā
UP screen shot
via non solo kawaii

you can’t go wrong with a pink disco ball!
disco ball
via beauty in everything

This pretty bow. I wasn’t intending all these pictures to be pink..

mary blaire
artwork by Mary Blair via lavender days

a little humor…
get up
via fantasy action

via we heart it

i dream of a world


colorful imaginations via Motley Photos

hope you all have a happy Monday! xoxo


90’s: School Days Edition


Private school uniforms..


Oxford saddle shoe
(Buster brown/ Oxford/ Saddle shoes)



School Desk
Look how small these things are. How did we ever fit anything in there?




Scholastic Boof Fairs



Craolya 96

(Tickle me pink, Robins Egg blue, Granny Smith Apple & Macaroni and Cheese)



Pee Chee Folder

Pee Chee Folders



Dodgeball/ Kickball & Handball



Mr. Sketch

Scented Magic Markers (these will give you a headache!)



Heads up Seven up

ahhh rainy days… (cred Shirtsnob.com)



Such a pain to use these old school sharpeners.



alphabet_flashcardsMultiplication flash cards

Gotta love the flashcards


Origami Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller



Folding & Passing Notes



Composition books remind me of 4th grade the most for some reason.



Book Cover

Nothing like covering your own books!




World’s Finest Chocolate (almond)


Mint Meltaways

World’s Finest Chocolate¬†(Mint Meltaways)


Five Star Foldertrapper keeper

Trapper Keeps & Five Star folders- so bulky what were we thinking?!



 Hello Kitty Pencil Case

Hello Kitty Pencil Case (remember all the compartments these things had??)




Lunchbox & thermos





¬†Good ole’ Lunchables