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I’m back…

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I wanted to post. I decided to simply post about one of my recent obsessions.

Let’s start with THE HUNGER GAMES! I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since the Twilight Saga and I have my good friend Annie (Team Gale) to thank for this! Honestly I could not put the books down…

Here are some Hunger Games inspired items from ETSY:

via TwilightEyes Studio

via theforksforest

via Serenitystorms

via ColdHandsWarmArt

The movie comes out March 23, 2011 so if you haven’t done so already, READ UP!  I think they did an excellent job selecting the cast. (Aida (Team TBD) DO NOT click until your done reading!) P.S. TEAM PEETA all the way! 🙂

Tah-tah for nor now ❤


2 Responses

  1. I need to get my hands on some of those!

  2. I absolutely love the Hunger Games – by far my favorite series. I’ve been convincing friends and family (my best friend and mother are now addicted) to read the series for the past two years. Love all of your HG paraphernalia!

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